My theory on why the people of the UK are ignoring government advice

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Government advice, in essence, as everyone knows has always been an advice that was made to ensure that as many groups as possible are helped and are as unaffected as possible by any disaster. Many people over the course of history have always talked have always had leaders, maybe a royal family or a president and I’m sure that there have been many people over the time of our human race that have been jealous of the fame and wealth that usually comes with a good leader. However, a real good leader has to make sacrifices as they cannot possibly save everyone. Therefore, a leader has to make a tough decision and save the majority of lives, rather than all. This means that the challenges this face to our problem today are that even though many people have been told to stay at home some people know that as they are self-employed or working in non-essential shops where it would be impossible to work from home, they have to go to work. They aren’t as supported for example compared to the key workers like doctors or food store managers, but this again, is so that the majority of people can survive. Lives will always be lost, the death toll of people from the coronavirus shows this, this, in itself is a tragedy. In moments like these, everyone but the government feels virtually powerless as they have no say in the transport closures or school closures for example, which makes them panic-people don’y like change. Some people might rebel against change when it’s not something they wanted-therefore rights of people might get blurred when some of the things that people took for granted like going outside or going to a restaurant are taken away. Many people might not have understood that it was a privilege to have those things, so they may start to begin questioning their rights and what they truly can or cannot do.

As I had previously mentioned, some people don’t want to not be in control of their lives as in the time of a crisis all humans go into survival mode, protecting both their rights and their families but when there is an opponent standing between them and their loved ones, people may rebel solely based on an instinct all humans have-but is perhaps dormant when there is nothing to fight for. Sure, maybe you might think that that is an outdated idea, but when humans were so to speak ‘cavemen’ those instincts rose up the surface-so why shouldn’t they come back again? Now, the survival instinct has activated and civilisation and rights don’t mean a penny to some anymore. People need to be in control of their lives in survival mode but they aren’t in control right now-and that is the problem we are facing.

Our responsibilities right now should be about helping others by trying to be blood donors, or volunteering in hospitals if you have a medicine qualification or perhaps working overtime with deliveries. Apart from social distancing, wearing gloves and a mask and making sure that your skin is generally not exposed is a good start, but not going at for an unnecessary reason is also key. In my community, our neighbours have decided to sell some food to people on the street who are lacking and some have been going around with deliveries. It’s good to see as many people helping right now as everyone at this moment is co-dependent on each other.

Despite everything, our survival instincts must not control us anymore, so from now, everyone please for yourselves, for your family and your your friends/colleagues, do what’s right for everyone in the world right now. For all the people directly or indirectly fighting the coronavirus-and do it for yourself, too.

Thank you for reading this, whoever you are.

Author: AJ Dash

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